Friday, September 30, 2011

Kid Friendly & Approved Halloween Décor!

Happy Halloween!
This is our first Halloween in this house. My kids have loved these decorations since they were little. They have even made some of them, and they LOVE to put them out!
I love our front porch. It is so fun to sit on our bench and enjoy the cool evenings. I loved it when the fireflies were out!
I thought it would be cute to have the two scarecrows stand as sentinels at the porch!
I love the front door. I think it is so pretty. My 14 year old M didn’t want me to hang anything on the door that would block the window, but I couldn’t get my Command hook to stay on the vinyl siding. I had the hook over by the doorbell under the light earlier this year, but the hook kept falling off. Sad smile
I love this little wagon. My mom got it for me a while ago from Lakeside Collections. I fill it with a fall leaf garland. I love the fall colors. As I was driving the two youngest home from school today, I could feel the crisp fall air and saw the changing of many of the leaves. It is just beautiful!
Next on the doorstep I have the silly fake light up jack-o-lanterns. I just love that word, jack-o-lantern, SO many letters and TWO hyphens! My kids LOVE these silly things, They love to have them be lit up at night. They are easier than the real kind! We are going to go to the punkin’ patch later in the month. I plan on lining up the kids’ creations on the front porch and putting the little battery votive candles in them! I LOVE those, too!
This has got to be my FAVORITE Halloween decoration that I have. I won it at an Homemaking night (back then it was still called that!) when we lived in Washington state. I didn’t even have kids back then! Anyway, one of my favorite people, Heatherly (isn’t that a FUN name!), made it and I won! I lost track of Heatherly, but I LOVE this door hanger. I have a few pieces from her. She is aMaZiNg.

Now to the inside of my house. Mind you, this is KID FRIENDLY AND APPROVED!!!  this is not Martha Stewart league by ANY means!
This is in our entry way. I love the buffet. I will have to do a post on it later at some point. I got it for FREE when we moved in from a gal in our ward! SCORE!!! Not too much here, but the favorite is the (here we go again, a fun word!) jack-o-lantern scarecrow head that has fiber optic lights that go from green to orange to purple. My kids have to have it on from the moment they wake up until the last possible second before they go to bed at night.
Then we have a few little figurines.
Then the fireplace is the first thing you see when you walk in. I LOVE this fireplace. It has a raised hearth. The fireplace in my Utah house was just in the wall with tile on the floor. I loved that one too, but this one has a raised hearth I Loooooove it!
Sorry my pics are goofy this one is crooked!!! :/
These tiny little guys were hand made a loooong time ago my fave is the little candy corn man. So Cute and SO Easy! I do NOT like to eat candy corn, so the candy corn arms and legs have been in there for 17 years!!!
Then we have a sofa table that is really SPARASE…the kids decorated it, and I left it as is. Smile
My 9 y.o. painted the cardinal in art at school last year. I love it. I got it framed. I made the temple picture at a girls craft night. I get a lot of compliments on it. All the other gals painted theirs black, but since BLUE is my “signature color”(said with a southern accent like Julia Roberts in“Steel Magnolias”) I had to have Blue! Smile
The pumpkin on the left was done by my youngest A who is now 7 when she was in pre-school. It is a roll of TP wrapped in orange tissue! So easy and fun for little ones to do. Then these little clay pots are SO fun for the kids to paint. We have two Frankenstein's and a candy corn.
Then last but not least, my 9 y.o, E. wanted to have the lamps wear a hat…I have heard of people wearing lampshades as hats, but never lampshades wearing hats! She was proud of her idea!
So, there you go, our kid friendly & approved Halloween! Thanks for visiting!
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  1. Looks like you're a fun mom Lisa! I have yet to even dig out my Halloween boxes, let alone have them all set up! And I would love to live somewhere that had fireflies to watch from the porch at night...